• Monday May 11

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

    Copy and paste the link below to listen to the story. Read by the Author, Eric Carle. 


    Questions to ask after listening to the story: 

    Can you recall three or more foods the caterpillar ate? 

    Why did the caterpillar get a stomachache? 

    How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? 

    Follow-Up Activity 

    Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts and Activities | Hungry caterpillar ...

    *Crayons or markers can also be used to trace around the tube to make a circle for the caterpillars body. 

    *For a challenge, you can draw some food items the caterpillar ate inside the circles.

    Fine Motor 

    Playdough mash - find tools in the kitchen for children to play ...

    Potato Masher 

    *Use a potato masher to mash playdough or clay. 

    *For later learners encourage them to make different shapes and patterns in their dough and describe them to you. 

    Alternate materials: 

    - different types of spoons with different designs/slats on them. 


    Gross Motor 

    15 Activities/Exercises to do with painter’s tape.  

    Copy and paste the link below and give some of these activities a try! 


    Tuesday May 12

    Math- Intro to Symmetry 

    What is symmetry? Symmetry is when an object looks the exact same on one side as the other. To see if an object is symmetrical, you draw a line of symmetry or a line dividing an object to show a perfect match on each side. It's like making a mirror image. 

    What you need: Paper, scissors, paint. 

    1. Take one piece of paper and fold it in half.   
    1. Have the child paint only one half of the paper   
    1. When finished fold the paper in half.  Open it up. What happened?  What was painted on one side is now painted the same on the other.  It’s symmetrical! 
    1. When dry, fold the paper in half and an adult can draw half a butterfly.  Child can cut it out using children’s scissors, staying on the line.  

    Here is a video of this activity: 


    Make your own Bubbles! 


    Get a large cup. 

    Pour 1/2 cup of dish soap into the cup. 

    Add 1 1/2 cups of water. 

    Measure 2 teaspoons of sugar and add it to the water/soap mixture. 

     Gently stir your mixture. 

    Enjoy blowing your bubbles!  

    No bubble wand, no problem. Use some materials you have in your kitchen as a wand 😊 *See picture below:  

    Gross Motor 

    "Fly Like a Butterfly" by Radiant Child Yoga & Bari Koral 

    Click on the link below and follow along :-) 


     Wednesday May 13

    Create an alphabet line out of paper (uppercase letters). 

    Easy Alphabet Activity: Post-It Match - Busy Toddler

    Several ways to play: 

    Post It’s: If you have sticky post-it papers, write a letter on it (older children: lowercase letters, younger children: uppercase letters) and have your child match it on the wall.    

    Wand: Find a stick or wand in your house.  Adult will call out a letter and child will use the wand to point to it. (older children: adult will say a letter sound and child will point to the letter) 

    Missing Letters:  Adult will hide some letters (place a piece of paper over them) and the child has to guess which letter is hiding. 

    Make Your Own Puzzles 

    Great for problem solving skills 


    Use a box to make your own puzzles! Cut it up and have your child put it together.  For younger children cut it into 5-7 pieces. Older children 7-10 pieces. 


    Gross Motor:  

    Butterfly Wings 

    Click on the link below to get your body moving like a butterfly! 



    Click on the link below to move and sing along to one of Miss Kenny’s favorites.  

    “The Cat Came Back”  


    Thursday May 14

    Life Cycle of a Butterfly: 

    Watch this video: 



    On a nice day go out for a walk and find items that look like: 

    A caterpillar egg (acorn), a caterpillar (a blade of grass), a chrysalis (a leaf), and a butterfly (helicopter seeds) 

    Create your own stages of a butterfly like the picture! 

    Stages of a Butterfly Life Cycle Seed Activity (Free Printable ...

    Use this vocabulary with your child: First, second, third, fourth. Or, first, next, last. 

    Fine Motor 

    Cutting with Scissors 

    Preschool is the time children learn to cut with child-sized scissors...a very important skill they need.  Children should be supervised when using them. 

    Go for a walk and find leaves, flower petals, grass. 

    Have your child use scissors to cut and snip them.    

    Gross Motor 

    Listen and act out the four stages of the butterfly.  


    *After listening, recall and review the four stages with your child

    Friday May 15 


    Caterpillar to Butterfly Science Activity with Balloons

    Materials Needed: 


    Black or Dark Permanent Marker 

    Baking Soda 

    Empty Clear Container 



    Tray or Cookie Sheet 

    Measuring Spoon 


    1. Draw a butterfly onto a balloon on one side.
    2. Draw a caterpillar onto this same balloon on the other side.
    3. Fill the empty plastic container with vinegar. You only need a little bit to make this reaction.
    4. Then fill the balloon with baking soda by inserting a funnel into the opening and placing a spoonful into the funnel to fill inside of the balloon.
    5. Attach the balloon to the plastic container with vinegar. Careful not to spill any of the baking soda inside of the container.  When you hang the balloon be sure to hang it on the caterpillar side and talk about how the caterpillar forms a chrysalis that hangs.
    6. Now it’s time for the STEM Challenge!!!  Can make your butterfly grow?

    Encourage your child to LIFT UP the caterpillar balloon and allow the baking soda to fill into the container.  WATCH and see what happens next!!!! 

    1. SURPRISE!  You balloon will fill up with the gases released from the chemical reaction between the vinegar and baking soda.

    How does it work? When baking soda and vinegar mix, they release carbon dioxide (this is the same gas that is in the bubbles in your carbonated drinks). 


    *The link is below if you want more information about the experiment.  


    Foodie Friday 

     Send us a picture of a snack or meal you helped prepare. Happy Cooking! 

    Muffin Tin Meal

    Just wanted to share a fun and different way to serve up a meal (especially for picky eaters) :-) 


    Gross Motor:  

    Dance and sing into the weekend with this fun song. *Children who attended Oakwood last year may remember this song 

    Copy and paste the link below:  

    Beautiful Day