• Monday April 27

    The Grouchy Ladybug 

    Copy and paste the link below to listen to the story:  


     After Reading:  What do ladybugs eat? What does it mean to be grouchy? At the very end of the book: "How did the grouchy ladybug change?  Did she stay annoyed the whole time? 

    How about the other ladybug (the one who was happy)?  Did she change?  How do you know? 


    Follow-Up Activity: Choose 1 of the ladybugs below to make.  

    The Iowa Farmer's Wife: The Grouchy Ladybug Activities 

    Choice # 1: To assemble, you will need a paper plate, black and green construction paper, red paint (crayons or markers can also be used) glue or tape, and child safety scissors.  


    Egg Carton Ladybug Craft for Kids | Ladybug crafts, Crafts for ...

    Choice #2: To assemble, you will need to cut a piece of an egg carton. Red and black construction paper, red and black paint (or you can use crayons or markers) Glue or tape and safety scissors.  

    *If you do not have materials to complete one of the crafts, your child can write and draw about a time he or she felt grouchy. 

    Journal Entry: Draw/Write about a time when you felt grouchy.  

     *Returning Preschoolers: Write letters under their picture to describe their picture. Parents can write under the picture and letters what the child said.  


    Students going to Kindergarten in the Fall: Draw a picture and do your best to sound out the letters in the words you are using to describe your picture. Does not need to be spelled correctly. Parents, under your child’s writing you can write what they describe their drawing to be. Model how we write left to right and have spacing between words. We end our thought with a period.  

    *Make sure they stay on topic and answer the journal question.  

    Fine Motor 

    25 Fine Motor Activities Using Household Items - pouring water - I ...

    Pour small items back and forth between containers. You can use dry rice, pasta, or even pebbles from outside. These types of solid materials provide additional auditory feedback as they go clink! clink! clink! from one container to the other. 

    Gross Motor 

    Bug Action Movement Cards 

    Copy and paste the link below and view the different action cards online. Read one of them. Model for your child and have him or her try out the movement. Even more fun, put on some music as they move like an insect. :-) 


    *If you wish, you can print out the cards so you can use another time.  

     Tuesday April 28

    Sorting Coins: 

    Coin Sorting Preschool Math Activity - Busy Toddler
     Gather a collection of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  Talk to your child about how each coin looks, size, color. Teach the names of each type of coin (penny, dime, etc..) but at this point they do not have to know how much it is worth.  

    Next, make a chart using tape like the picture or you can simply use cups or plates. Have your child sort the coins. How many are in each pile? Talk about which has the most, which has the least. 

    Fine Motor 

    Squeeze chip clips onto the rim of a plastic container. Then take them off. Then put them back on again. Then take them off. And so, on and so forth. You’d be surprised at how time consuming this activity can be! To really strengthen those little fingers and hands, encourage your child to squeeze and pinch with their fingertips, as opposed to squeezing with their palm or the side of their thumb. 

    Gross Motor 

    The Ants Go Marching One By One 

    Movement Activity:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQ90Uq8EViE 

    Wednesday April 29

    Bugs on the Rug- Rhyming 


    Watch the attached video. Pause occasionally to listen for the rhyming words.  Rhyming words are words that have the same ending sound.  

    Fly rhymes with sky in this song. What else rhymes with fly?  Cry, tie, or even silly made up words like bry, vly.   

    Continue listening for, pointing out, and creating new rhyming words in each verse of the song. 

    Fine Motor  

    Painting with Pom-Poms  

    *If you do not have pom-pom craft materials you can use cotton balls or Q-tips. These would work too to help strengthen fine motor. :-) 

    Children can pinch the pom poms with their pointer finger and thumb as they dip them into the paint and then stamp the paper with them. Pinching objects like pom poms trains young kids’ finger muscles in preparation for higher level fine motor tasks such as coloring with a crayon, cutting with scissors, and writing with a pencil. 

    Fine Motor Activity: Painting with Pom Poms - Mama OT

    You can place the paint on the side opposite of your kiddo’s painting hand in order to encourage her to cross the midline as he or she reaches to dip and then paint.  

    *It is important for kids to be able to cross the invisible line down the middle of their body as they use their hands because it strengthens the connection between the left and right sides of the brain and contributes to the development of hand dominance as they approach the preschool and Kindergarten years.  


    This fine motor activity is an easy, gentle way to introduce little ones to finger painting, especially if they are nervous or extremely sensitive (aka- tactile defensive) about getting messy. It provides a natural barrier between them and the paint while allowing them to still interact with it and participate in the process. Any paint they get on them can be easily and quickly wiped off. Plus, if they are nervous about getting paint on their fingers, they will probably pinch the very tip of the pom pom as opposed to the entire thing. This will create additional fine motor challenge for their little fingers as they timidly (yet successfully) participate in this new project. It’s a win-win! 

    I hope you have a good time trying out this simple yet fun fine motor activity. 


    Gross Motor:  

    Copy and paste the link below. Enjoy and move to the song Bug n Roll 


    Thursday April 30 

    Inside or Outside? 

    You will need:  

    Coins (5 for younger children, 8 for older children) 

    Plate (1 per player) 


    Before you play: Draw a line down the middle of the paper to divide the paper in half. On one half write “inside” on the other write “outside”. 


    How to play: 

     1.Each player stands up. Place the plate in front of you on the floor. 

    2.Each player drops their coins over the plate.  

    3.Count how many coins landed inside the plate. Write that number on your paper. 

    4.Count how many landed outside the plate.  Write that number on your paper. 

    5.Compare which was more/less. Pick up your coins and try again!

    For a challenge switch out the plate and put a cup instead.  



    Sharing/Turn Taking Activity 

    Always encourage sharing by modeling what sharing looks like for your children. This can be done with another adult in the home or with your child by role playing or acting out a familiar situation and showing that child why it is important to share. 

    Activity: Quickly take an item or toy away and have the other adult make a sad face. Ask the child, “Was that a nice thing to do? Does that person look happy or sad?” and help the child come up with better solutions, “It would be better if we asked for toy instead of taking it, so we don’t make ____ sad.” A follow up would be to roleplay sharing the appropriate way. 


    *Quick Tips: Use and encourage a timer (either a physical one or your phone) to help children share items/toys. Always encourage children to use their words “May I please have the red car?”. Let children know it is ok to say no and teach child how to find another activity while they wait. 


                                        Gross Motor                                    

    Kids Yoga with Bari Koral: "Fly Like a Butterfly" by Radiant Child Yoga & Bari Koral 

    Copy and paste the link below and follow along: Happy Stretching! 


    Friday May 1


    Insect Snacks: 

    Look in your pantry and refrigerator to make one of the snacks below. Or create your own insect snack! Share pictures on Class Dojo. Enjoy!  

    Tot School: Insects | Kindergarten snacks, Preschool bug theme ...

    Ladybug fruit cup: Turn a Jello fruit cup upside down. Use a sharpie to draw on spots, a head and antennae. 

    Ants on a log: Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins.  

    Dragonfly: More celery with peanut butter, add 2 pretzel wings (regular shaped would probably work better, but we use what we have around here!) and M&M’s for eyes.  

    Ladybugs: Cut strawberries in half, melt milk chocolate chips in small bag and pipe on the ladybug head and spots. 

    Bumble bee Snack: Cut grapes in half.  Alternate rows of Kix cereal and purple grapes. Add 2 pretzel thins for wings. 

    Fine Motor 

    Try some or all of these activities  

    #1: Put masking tape or painters' tape on a surface and have your child peel it off.   

    #2: Wrap toys in paper (wrapping paper, newspaper, old junk mail)   

    #3: String cereal on a piece of spaghetti. Use playdough to anchor the spaghetti onto the plate.