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Fostering Diverse Schools Grant

**New Jersey Consortium Awarded 'Fostering Diverse Schools' Grant by the U.S. Department of Education**


*Secaucus, NJ - [January 2024]* – In a recognition of their commitment to enhancing educational diversity and inclusivity, the New Jersey Consortium, comprising the school districts of Secaucus, Weehawken, Belleville, Bogota, Orange, and in partnership with Ramapo College of New Jersey has been awarded the esteemed 'Fostering Diverse Schools' grant by the U.S. Department of Education.


This prestigious grant is a testament to the Consortium's innovative approaches to creating inclusive, equitable, and diverse learning environments across their districts. The U.S. Department of Education has recognized the Consortium’s efforts in implementing programs that promote diversity, cultural understanding, and equal opportunities for students of all backgrounds.

"This grant is a crucial step in ensuring that all students have access to an equitable education," said Dr. Gerald Fitzhugh II, Superintendent of Orange Public Schools. "We are dedicated to building a school culture where every student feels valued and included."

The grant will fund a variety of initiatives aimed at fostering diverse educational environments. These initiatives include professional development for teachers, curriculum development focusing on cultural competency, and community engagement programs designed to bring together students from different backgrounds.


"This grant will enable us to expand our initiatives and create a more inclusive educational experience for all students," added Eric Crespo, Superintendent of Weehawken Public School District. "We are excited about the opportunities this will open up for our students and communities."


The New Jersey Consortium’s efforts have been widely recognized as setting a benchmark for other school districts in the state and beyond, showcasing the power of collaboration and shared vision in enhancing educational experiences for all students.


For more information about the New Jersey Consortium’s initiatives and the Fostering Diverse Schools grant, please contact Dr. Pamela Shetley, Grant Coordinator,


About the New Jersey Fostering Diverse Schools Consortium

The New Jersey Fostering Diverse Schools Consortium consists of the Secaucus, Weehawken, Belleville, Bogota, and Orange public school districts in partnership with Ramapo College of New Jersey. United by a common goal of fostering diverse and inclusive educational environments, the Consortium collaborates on various initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience for students across the districts