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Cleveland Builds Foundation for Success at Orientation

2 May 2024 · Cleveland Elementary School

As always, Orange students shine, highlighting how the district is committed to student success.
Principal Pettit informs parents how to prepare their children for the journey ahead. 

ORANGE, NJ — Cleveland Street School held its annual Kindergarten Orientation on Thursday, May 2, 2024. Kindergarten orientation is a crucial event that prepares children and parents to transition to formal schooling. It is an essential introduction to the school environment, routines, and expectations, fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort that eases the anxieties associated with starting school.

For children, orientation is a thrilling opportunity to explore their new surroundings, meet their teachers Mrs. Sabol, and Mrs. Baguidy, and engage in activities that ignite their curiosity and excitement about learning. It sets the stage for a smooth transition into kindergarten by familiarizing children and families with basic classroom routines, such as lining up, taking turns, and following instructions, which are fundamental for their academic and social development.

Kindergarten orientation offers valuable insights and guidance for parents, empowering them with knowledge and resources to support their child's transition to school effectively. Parents learn about school policies, procedures, and resources available to them, enabling them to actively engage in their child's education journey. It also provides a platform for parents to connect with teachers and other parents, fostering a supportive network that enhances the overall school experience for both children and families.

In essence, kindergarten orientation is a foundational step in establishing a positive and nurturing learning environment that sets children on the path to success in school and beyond. Promoting collaboration between educators, parents, and students lays the groundwork for a strong partnership that cultivates lifelong learning and growth.

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