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Jayden Garcia Becomes Cleveland's Principal for a Day

10 February 2024 · Cleveland Street School

Leadership experiences at young ages builds confidence and self esteem for students.

Allowing students to be principal for the day can have numerous benefits. Firstly, it fosters a sense of responsibility and leadership at a young age. Jayden Garica (4th Grade) was entrusted with the duties of a principal, such as making announcements and leading activities, Jayden learned firsthand the importance of authority and decision-making.

Being principal for the day gave a boost to Jayden's confidence and self-esteem. It provided him with a platform to voice his opinions and ideas, as well as an opportunity to interact with his peers and teachers in a different capacity. This experience instilled a sense of empowerment and pride in his abilities.

Overall, allowing our students to be principal for the day is not only a fun and memorable experience but also a valuable educational opportunity that can positively impact their personal and academic development and it certainly did that for Jayden.