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Thanking Dedicated Counselors During National School Counseling Week

5 February 2024 · Office of Communications

Discover what inspires the 2024 National School Counselor of the Year, Diana Virgil, Ph.D., ACSC of Alabama.
Dedicated counseling staff ensure academic, career, and social-emotional success in students in all of our schools.

Happy National School Counseling Week! During the week of February 5-9, 2024 Orange Public Schools celebrate the amazing school counselors who work tirelessly with parents to enhance their students' futures.

Our counselors focus on enhancing students' academic, career, and social/emotional development in positive ways. They collaborate with teachers and educators to create an educational system where students can achieve their full potential and set healthy, realistic, and optimistic aspirations for themselves.

We extend our gratitude to school counselors for their dedication to removing barriers to learning, addressing academic concerns, and exploring new career options for our students. Thank you for championing our students' success!

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