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The Fourth Annual Middle School Debate Tournament Championship

The Fourth Annual Middle School Debate Tournament Championship took place on Saturday, May 7th. The final tournament did not disappoint. The debaters were ready to tackle the topic Resolved: The United States federal government should increase regulations that limit runoff from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.
So ready and so prepared that two teams tied for the opportunity to compete in the final round. Rosa Parks Community School's Jhamilex Tacuri and Berlendz Ulysse and Heywood's Zola Anderson and Phoenix Fraiser were tied in total points and rounds won. The deciding factor was each team's performance in direct clash. The team from Rosa Parks edged out Heywood by a narrow margin.
Bragging rights and the coveted Middle School Debate trophy came down to the final two teams from Rosa Parks and Forest Street.  This championship round was judged by Board Attorney Jessica Kleen, who listened intently and determined the Championship was well earned by tournament winners, Forest Street's Emily Osei and Malidjeen Severe, coached by Brian Canares.
Orange Public Schools certainly has the talent. The Office of Humanities would like to thank all who participated and supported the Middle School Debate Tournaments this year.  A special thanks to the coaches, administrators, and Ms. Abreu for their work to ensure that our students had an outlet for their curiosity and talents. Check out the championship trophy in its new home at Forest Elementary School.  How long it will reside there will be determined by the readiness of the other schools to take it from them.