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Newly Elected Board President and Vice President

At the annual Board of Education Reorganization meeting, on January 6, nominations and voting took place for the President and Vice President of the Orange Board of Education. Congratulations to the new Board President Tyrone Tarver and Vice President Brenda Daughtry, who shall serve a one-year term, dating from the Reorganization Meeting until the meeting next year. Along with President Tarver and Vice President Daughtry, the nine-member board includes three new members, Guadalupe Cabido, Sueann Gravesande, and Shawneque Johnson, along with Derrick Henry, Cristina Mateo, Siaka Sherif, and Jeffrey Wingfield.

Board of Education Reorganization Meeting

Pictured (left to right): Board Members Guadalupe Cabido, Shawneque Johnson, Sueann Gravesande, Derrick Henry, Board President Tyrone Tarver, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gerald Fitzhugh, Board Vice President Brenda Daughtry, Board Secretary Adekunle O. James, Board Members Jeffrey Wingfield and Siaka Sherif.