News from the Nurses

  • Dear Families:

     This page was created to provide you with access to the nurses, as needed.

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!!  Although it will be different, starting virtually, we are here and excited to work with the students and families!  Feel free to reach us by email at anytime.  We will be focusing on Handwashing, Wearing Masks and Social Distancing to start the year.  It is very important that the children are able to do all of these, especially when we come back into the buildings.  Practicing at home will make it much easier once they are in their classrooms.  We want everyone to have a healthy and safe return to school.   Additional information and updates can be found on the district's COVID-19 Resource Page found at


    Our OFFICE HOURS are:  8:30a - 12noon and then again 12:30p - 3:20p.  

    Nurse DeFalco:   

    Nurse Vicci:

    We can also be reached through Class Dojo.  


    Please be safe!  Remember to wash your hands, and your children's, for at least 20 seconds very often through the day with warm water and soap.  Remind the children to sing their ABC song as they wash to ensure proper length of time.