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    Welcome to February!  We are continuing to strive to help your child meet his or her IEP goals and objectives while also ensuring that they succeed in their classroom environment. Please look out for any updates or reminders on ClassDojo so we all can continue to keep in touch constantly. Remember! You are your children's FIRST teacher and we need your help inside and outside of the classroom!



    Inclusion Parents Workshop on Fine Motor

    Date, Time, and Location: TBD



    Lucilla Rivera 

    Inclusion Specialist

    Email: RiveraLu@orange.k12.nj.us

    Phone: (973) 677-4000 ext. 1915

    Maria Adame

    Inclusion Specialist 


    Phone: (973)677-4000 ext. 1916

    Marissa Balzano

    Inclusion Specialist


    Phone: (973)677-4000 ext.1911

    Simone Smith

    Inclusion Specialist

     Email: PetersSi@orange.k12.nj.us

    Phone: (973)677-4000 ext.1913



    The role of the Preschool Inclusion Team is to ensure that children who have been evaluated and found eligible for special services receive services within the general education classroom environment. 

    • Inclusion Teachers are special education teachers responsible for working with children who have been evaluated and determined eligible for special services. They work with the general education teachers and other school professionals to reach the goals outlined in each child’s Individual Education Plan. 
    • The inclusion teachers provide support within the general education classroom to special education students.

    The responsibility of the inclusion teacher includes the following:

    • Working with students to master goals in their IEP
    • Providing adaptations for activities to help students adjust to the general education classroom setting
    • Providing progress reports for parents
    • Working with the general education teacher to provide strategies for inclusion students
    • and more!