Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to the Extended Learning Resource Page! This page was created to provide students working from home with access to assignments, links, assessments, and practice resources. 

    School buildings will be closed from Tuesday March 17- April 9, 2020. Distance Learning will continue. 


    "For the Week of April 6th, school buildings will remain closed however distance learning will continue. On Friday, April 10th, Schools and the District will be closed for Good Friday Observance. Per the previously approved calendar, spring break will begin on Monday

    April 13th and conclude on April 17th. Distance Learning will not be in effect from April 10th through April 17th. We will continue to update all families and staff in a timely fashion. Thank you for your continued support of the Orange Township Public School District. Always remember, we are in this together. 
    Special Note:  Ms. Purkiss is sending the blast out today to inform all families. "
    Dr. Fitzhugh

    Additional information and daily updates can be found on the district’s COVID-19 Resource Page found at https://www.orange.k12.nj.us/domain/3058.


    Emergency Virtual Instruction Letter

    The Orange Public Schools Emergency Virtual Instruction Program English

    The Orange Public Schools Emergency Virtual Instruction Program Spanish

    The Orange Public Schools Emergency Virtual Instruction Program Haitian Creole


    School Closure Letter 

    School Closure Letter Coronavirus English

    School Closure Letter Coronavirus Spanish

    School Closure Letter Coronavirus Haitian Creole


    My Virtual Office Hours are as follows:

    Monday – Friday: 9:30a.m. to 11:30a.m.  

    Monday – Friday: 2:00p.m. to 3:30p.m.


    I will be available daily to answer any questions you may have.

    Contact Information

    Should you have any questions about assignments: you can contact me through the following channels:

    Class Dojo: Search for "Mrs. Velez" in the Orange Early Childhood Center School

    Email: VelezJea@orange.k12.nj.us

    Family Expectations:

    • We expect family members to assist the preschooler with assignments each day to continue to learning process. This is important as we do not want children to regress during these two weeks. They have worked very hard since September and we want them to continue growing and learning while they are home.
    • Please be sure to identify a comfortable and quiet space for your child to study/learn.
    • Dedicate an appropriate time to learning. 
    • Check classdojo and my web page for information on assignments and resources on a daily basis.
    • Participate in classdojo with your child's teachers and share photos of your child engaged in the assigned activities.
    • We are not requiring families to return the extended learning packets but we do expect you to engage in the virtual platforms with honesty and integrity. 

    Other Possible Enhancements 

    Please find additional leaning programs below to further engage your child in the learning process while at home. However, please remember to monitor the amount of time your child is in front of a screen.

    Age-Appropriate Preschool Computer Software

    Free Broadband from Spectrum for K-12 beginning March 16th and will continue for 30 days - please call 844-988-8395

    Comcast Free Internet



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    Starfall.com Logo
    Dear Starfall Friends,
    We have received many reports of current and incoming school closures due to COVID-19. In order to support continuing education while students are at home, we are sending out courtesy 4-month access codes to schools and teachers affected by closures for student home use.
    If you would like a list of access codes to send to the parents of your students (one for each student), please send an email to helpdesk@starfall.com with the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Starfall membership email (if applicable)
    • School name
    • School address (including city, state, zip)
    • Phone number
    • Number of access codes requested
    Parents with children at home (especially those in hardship situations) should reach out to us directly to receive courtesy short-term access.
    As a reminder, parents and teachers can also visit the Starfall Parent-Teacher Center at teach.starfall.com for free worksheets and other instructional resources at home.
    We are continually monitoring the situation and making adjustments to our systems to best support our members and those in need at this time.
    The Starfall Team
    (M-F, 9am-5pm Mountain Time)

    Breakfast / Lunch Information

    Meal Protocol:

    During this time, the Orange Township Public School District will provide packaged ‘Grab-and-Go’ breakfast and lunch, effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at no cost to families, at multiple locations for pick up. 
    Locations of the Breakfast and Go Program as of March 30th

    1) Park Avenue School
    2) Rosa Parks Community School
    3) Oakwood Community School
    4) Orange Early Childhood Center
    5) Forest Street School
    6) Heywood Avenue School
    7) Scholars
    8) Lincoln Avenue
    Serving times for BOTH breakfast and lunch are organized by last name: 
    A-F: 7:30am – 8:00am 
    G-L: 8:00am – 8:30am 
    M-R: 8:30am – 9:00am
    S-Z: 9:00am – 9:30am

    Home Instruction

     Home Instruction Letter (English)

     Home Instruction Letter (Spanish)


    Click the following calendar to access our Home Instruction Calendar:

    Home Instruction Calendar

    Story Time:

     Image result for elmer book


    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    Why do the other elephants look up to Elmer?

    If being funny is a good thing, should the other elephants be as funny as Elmer?

    What do you admire in your friends?

    Do you want to be like your friends?

    How would you feel if all your friends dressed up as you once a year?


     Image result for rainbow fish book

     Rainbow Fish

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    In the begining of the story, did Rainbow Fish have many friends?

    What did Rainbow Fish do when the little blue fish asked Rainbow Fish for one of his scales?

    Rainbow Fish starts to feel lonely because,______________

    How does Rainbow Fish feel at the end of the story?

    What did Rainbow Fish give to the other fish?

    What do you think Rainbow Fish learned?

     Image result for twins blanket book

     Twins Blanket

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    What are twins?

    What was the twins fighting over?

    why the twins’ mom made them each a blanket?

     Image result for Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie

     Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    "I'm looking closely at Ruthie and it looks like she has something behind her back, I wonder what it is?"

    "I wonder why Ruthie is holding a camera behind her back lets read the story to find out what's happening"

    "Wow, Ruthi loves teeny tiny thing and how now she finds a teeny tiny camera how do you think she is feeling?"

    "I wonder if Ruthie might be feeling differently now what do you think?" (Pg 6)

    "It seems as if she might be surprised and disappointed has there been a situation that you felt surprised or disappointed? (Pg 9-10)

    "Why do you think Ruthie lies?"

    "What do you think about that?"

    "Ruthie really wants this camera have you ever wanted something as much as Ruthie wants this camera?"

    "Ruthie felt very LUCKY to find the camera have you ever felt Lucky about something?"

    "Do you think Ruthie felt sorry for telling a lie?"  


     Image result for What Can You Do With a Rebozo?

    What Can You Do With a Rebozo?

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:


    What is a rebozo?

    What are some ways people use a rebozo?

    How else would YOU use a rebozo?

    Draw and label something you would do with a rebozo.


    Who was narrating the story?

    Is there something you would like to know more about how to use?

    Make a short book (2 – 3 pages) explaining how to use something in your house. (ex: what can you do

    with a spoon?)

     ¿Qué puedes hacer con un rebozo? Por Carmen Tafolla


    ¿Qué es un rebozo?

    ¿Cuáles son algunas formas en que las personas usan un rebozo?

    ¿De qué otra forma usarías un rebozo?

    Dibuja y rotula algo que harías con un rebozo.

     4 años de edad:

    ¿Quién estaba narrando la historia?

    ¿Hay algo que le gustaría saber más sobre cómo usarlo?

    Haga un libro corto (2 - 3 páginas) que explique cómo usar algo en su casa. (ex: ¿Qué puedes

    hacer con una cuchara?)


     Image result for goldilocks gavin scott


    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    Tier 1 Questions 

    Q:What is the setting of the story?

    A: House in the wood

    Q: What does Mama Bear make for breakfast?

    A: Poridge

    Q: Who comes to the bear family house?

     A: A little girl named Goldilocks

    Tier 2 Questions Goldilocks

    Q: What was wrong with Papa Bear's porridge?

    A: It was too hot

    Q: After tasting the porridge, what is the next thing that Goldilocks does?

    A: She sits in the chairs.

    Q: Goldilocks goes up stairs, what does she see?

    A: Three beds

    Tier 3 Questions

    Q: What was wrong with Mama Bear's bed?

    A: It was too soft

     Q: Goldilocks wakes up, sees something and runs out of the house. What scared Goldilocks?

     A: The Three Bear family was looking at her

    Tier 3/4 Questions

    Q: Could real bears live in a house and make porridge?

    A: No, reals bears could not live in a house and make a porridge!

    Q: Do you think this is a real or pretend story?

     A: Yes, this is a pretend story.


    Tier 1 Questions

    What did Goldilocks find first inside the house?

    What did Goldilocks say about the medium bowl of porridge?

    What did she do with the small bowl of porridge?

    What did Goldilocks say about Daddy Bear’s chair?

    What happened to Baby Bear’s chair?

    What did Goldilocks say about Daddy Bear’s bed?

    What did Daddy Bear say about his bowl? 8. Whose bed did The Three Bears find Goldilocks asleep in?

    Tier 2 Questions

    What did Goldilocks find during her walk?

    What did Goldilocks say about the large bowl of porridge?

    What did Goldilocks say about Baby Bear’s porridge?

    What did Goldilocks say about Daddy Bear’s and Mummy Bear’s chairs?

    Where did Goldilocks go after she broke Baby Bear’s chair?

    What did Goldilocks say about Mummy Bear’s bed?

    Do you think Goldilocks found Baby Bear’s bed comfy? Why?

    What did Baby bear say when he found out someone had broken his chair?

    Where did The Three Bears find Goldilocks?

    Tier 3 Questions

    What did Goldilocks think about Daddy Bear’s and Mummy Bear’s bowls of porridge?

    What did Goldilocks find after finishing the third bowl of porridge?

    What did Goldilocks think about Daddy Bear’s and Mummy Bear’s chairs?

    Why did Goldilocks go upstairs after breaking Baby Bear’s chair?

    What did Goldilocks think about Daddy Bear’s and Mummy Bear’s beds?

    Why did Goldilocks fall asleep on Baby Bear’s bed?

    How do you think Daddy Bear and Mummy Bear felt when they returned to their house?

    How do you think Baby Bear felt when he found his porridge eaten and chair broken?

    Do you think Goldilocks should have gone into The Three Bears’ house? Why?


    Read Aloud Questions in Spanish:

    Estoy mirando de cerca a Ruthie y parece que ella tiene algo detrás de la espalda, me pregunto qué será?.

    "Me pregunto por qué Ruthie sostiene una cámara detrás de ella Vamos a leer la historia para saber qué está pasando".

    "wow, a Ruthi le encantan las  cosa pequeñas cosas y cómo ahora encuentro una pequeña cámara, ¿cómo crees que se siente?"

    Me pregunto si Ruthie podría sentirse diferente ahora, ¿qué piensas? (Pg 6)

    "Parece como si ella estuviera sorprendida y decepcionada ¿Ha habido una situación en la que tu te  hayas sentido sorprendido o decepcionado? (Pág. 9-10)

    "¿Por qué crees que Ruthie miente?"

    "¿Qué piensas sobre lo que esta pasando?"

    "Ruthie realmente quiere esta cámara ¿Alguna vez has querido algo tanto como Ruthie quiere esa cámara?"

    "Ruthie se sintió con  SUERTE al encontrar la cámara ¿Alguna vez te has sentido ser  afortunado por algo?"

    "¿Crees que Ruthie sintió pena por decir una mentira sobre la cámara que no le pertenecería ¿


     Image result for caps for sale

     Caps for Sale

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    How many hats were on the peddler’s head?

    What were the colors of the hats?

    Why do you think the peddler could not sell any of his caps that morning?

    Why do you think the peddler could not sell any of his caps that morning?

    Why does he check to see if his caps are straight?

    How would you feel if you were the peddler and all you felt was your own checked cap?

    The peddler did not know what to do. What could have the peddler done?

    How is the peddler feeling? How can we tell he is mad or upset when we do not see his face?

    How was he sorting the hats?

    What happened to the peddler when he sat under the tree to relax?

    Why did the peddler change from being relaxed to being angry?


     Image result for Ms. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

     Ms. Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

    Read Aloud Video Link


    Read Aloud Questions:

    1: What are some of the things that you do in the morning to get ready for school?
    (page 2)
    2. What do you notice about the classroom? (pages 3-4)
    3. What are some things that you see that we have in our classroom?
    (pages 7-8)
    4. How do you think Ian Lowe is feeling? Why do you think he might be feeling this
    way? (pages 8-9)
    After the reading:
    How is Miss Bindergarten’s classroom the same and how is it different from preschool?
    Draw and label your favorite area in the classroom.
    Miss Bindergarten se Prepara para Jardín por Joseph Slate

    1: ¿Cuáles son algunas de las cosas que haces en la mañana para prepararte para la
    escuela? (página 2)
    2. ¿Qué notas sobre el aula? (páginas 3-4)
    3. ¿Cuáles son algunas cosas que ves que tenemos en nuestro salón de clases?
    (páginas 7-8)
    4. ¿Cómo crees que se siente Ian Lowe? ¿Por qué crees que podría sentirse así?
    (páginas 8-9)
    Después de la lectura:
    ¿En qué se diferencia el aula de Miss Bindergarten y en qué se diferencia del
    Dibuja y rotula tu área favorita en el aula.



    Read aloud Extended Learning English

    Read Aloud Extended Learning Spanish