It was a great pleasure to have your little ones in my classroom this year we have learned so much from you at home as you were your child’s teachers for the past few months. We have turned your little scholars back to you, the same children that you entrusted to our care have turned them safely with a few more pounds, inches taller, and so much more responsible and more mature. Farewell to the Moving Up quarantined grad class of 2033. Have a BLESSED, SAFE, and WONDERFUL Summer. Remember to practice social distancing and follow all safety precautions.

    Mrs. Mesidor-Vincent & Mrs. Jackson


    Our school year was interrupted by COVID-19 and we could not do all that we wanted; hence, summer enrichment will be important for your child who is going to kindergarten in the fall. You are strongly encourage for complete the attached summer activities with your child, your child MUST continue to practice the skills they learned this year during this summer months.
    COVID-19 interrumpió nuestro año escolar y no pudimos hacer todo lo que queríamos; por lo tanto, el enriquecimiento de verano será importante para su hijo que irá al jardín de infantes en el otoño. Le recomendamos encarecidamente que complete las actividades de verano adjuntas con su hijo, su hijo DEBE continuar practicando las habilidades que aprendió este año durante los meses de verano.
    Ane lekòl nou an te koupe pa COVID-19 e nou pa t 'kapab fè tout sa nou te vle fè; kon sa, pakèt ete a vrèman enpòtan pou pitit ou a ki pral nan klas jadendanfan nan otòn lan. Nou ankouraje pou konplete aktivite yo pandan ete ak pitit ou a, pitit ou DWE kontinye pratike tout sa yo te aprann ane a pandan mwa ete sa yo.