• The Orange Board of Education

    Vision and Mission Statement


    Vision Statement

    "The Orange Public School District commits to providing a safe and caring environment where each student is expected to grow and succeed. We pledge to prepare all students with equitable opportunities for college and career readiness, leading to lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in a competitive global community."


    Mission Statement

    • The Orange Public School District, in collaboration with all stakeholders, is responsible for promoting the academic, social, emotional and personal success of all students.
    • With a commitment to academic excellence, the district provides teachers, families, and administrators the tools needed for all students to reach their full potential.
    • The district serves all students in our schools, acknowledging their unique backgrounds, cultural perspectives and learning styles.
    • The district recognizes that curiosity, discipline, integrity, responsibility and respect are necessary for success.
    • The Orange Public School District cultivates a community of 21st century learners where students take ownership of the learning process, achieve high standards of excellence, and focus on academics.


    Vision and Mission

    Vision Statement:

    It is the vision of the Orange Early Childhood Center to develop a diverse, inclusive, and respectful school community, honoring our diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to maximize the development of the whole child while using a comprehensive research-based curriculum aligned with the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. We are committed to social justice and developing children’s advocacy and activism skills to be leaders of a more just and equitable world.

    Mission Statement:

    The Orange Early Childhood Center is committed to providing opportunities for growth and development by using a holistic approach that embraces and honors all cultural values and beliefs in a diverse learning environment. Our mission it to prepare all students for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship by emphasizing equity and access for all students, families, staff, and the community.


    "Good to Great"