Harassment, Intimidation, or Bullying Definition
    Any gesture, written, verbal or physical act, or any electronic communication,
    that takes place on school property, at any school-sponsored function or on a school bus.
    Four types of Bullying
    Electronic communication means communication transmitted by means of an electronic device, including, but not limited to, a telephone, cellular phone, computer, or pager.
     Bullying by Gestures
    Gang-related hand signals
    Hands gestures toward target that cause undue stress
     Physical Bullying
    Hitting, Kicking or pushing
    Stealing, Hiding or ruining someone’s things
    Making someone do something he or she doesn’t want to do
     Verbal Bullying
    Name calling
     Relationship Bullying
    Refuses to talk to someone
    Spreading lies and rumors about someone
    Making some feel left out or rejected
    District Policy
    Section: Students
    Date Created: March, 2009
    Date Edited: September, 2013
    Policy Statement
    The Orange Board of Education prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying of a student. A safe and civil environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards.
    Harassment, intimidation, or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate its students in a safe and disciplined environment. Since students learn by example, school administrators, faculty, staff and volunteers should be commended for demonstrating appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment, intimidation, or bullying.
    District Regulation
    Section: Students
    Date Created: March, 2009
    Date Edited: September, 2013
    The Board of Education recognizes the need for a procedure to be in place for persons to report and
    investigate allegations of hazing and/or harassment, intimidation, or bullying behavior. For the purposes of this Regulation, “behavior” shall mean acts, or planned acts, of hazing as defined in Policy 5512 and/or acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying as defined in Policy 5512.01. Unless otherwise
    noted, “Building Principal” mans the Principal and/or designee, of the school building