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    “Building the Future…..One Child at a Time”

    397 Park Avenue   

    Orange, NJ 07050

    Tel: 973-677-4000 ext. 1920 or 1903

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    Jacquelyn Blanton
    Principal of Early Childhood 
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    Heywood Preschool: September 14, 2017 @ 6:00PM
    Forest Preschool: September 14, 2017 @ 6:00PM
    Oakwood Preschool: September 20, 2017 @ 5:00PM
    Scholars Academy Preschool: September 26, 2017 @ 6:00PM
    Rosa Parks Community School Preschool: September 27, 2017 @ 4:30PM
    Orange Early Childhood Center: September 27 & 28, 2017 @ 6:00PM
    Orange Early Childhood Center


    Mission Statement


    It is the intent of the Early Childhood Department to provide a quality educational opportunity for all children ages three and four living in the City of Orange.  Our goal is to maximize their individual cognitive, physical, and social/emotional potential by utilizing a developmentally appropriate approach to learning that is supported by a comprehensive research-based curriculum and the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.

    Shared Beliefs

     ·        All children will have an equal opportunity to develop personally (i.e. culturally and linguistically) through a quality preschool educational experience

     ·        All children will be provided with a quality educational environment that promotes his/her cognitive, social, and emotional growth

     ·        All children come to school with a special gift and something to offer; it is the responsibility of caring adults to accept, acknowledge and support them while nurturing their gifts in a warm and respectful quality learning environment

     ·        A developmental approach to preschool education supported by a comprehensive research-based curriculum provides educational opportunities that allow for success in life

     ·        Effective preschool programs have an effect not only on the preschooler but on the community as well.  It has the potential to positively alter the lives of families and the community at large


    Orange Parent Academy



  • Requirements for Preschool Registration 2017/2018 SY:

    Requisitos para registracion:

    • 3 or 4 years old by 10/01/17 (3 o 4 anos antes de 10/01/17)
    • Must be a resident of Orange Township (Deber ser residente del municipio de Orange)
    • Original Birth Certificate (Partida de nacimiento original)
    • Child's Immunization Record (Expediente de inmunizaciones del nino/nina)
    • Current Lease or Mortgage Statement (Declaracion actual del arriendo o de la hipoteca)
    • 2 Additional Proofs of Residency (i.e. PSE&G bill, telephone or cable bill, NO CELL PHONE BILLS ACCEPTED) (2 pruenbas de residencia al dia: recibo de PSE&G, telefono, o recibo del cable, NO ACEPTAMOS CUENTA DE CELULAR.
    • Picture ID of the Parent (foto identificacion del padre)

    If you are living with a friend or relative, you must be included in their lease agreement. Notarized letters stating you rent a room/apartment/house WILL NOT BE ACCEPTEDSi usted esta viviendo con un familiar o amigo tienes que estar inscrito en el contracto de arrendamiento. NO SE ACEPTARA CARTAS NOTARIZADA.

    Dates: Fechas:

    SEPTEMBER Septiembre 2017:  

    5th & 6th - 2:00PM-7:00PM (Last sign in at 6PM)

    12th & 26th - 10:00AM - 1:00PM (Last sign in at 12PM)


    Registration Location: Lugar:

    397 Park Avenue, Orange, NJ

    973-677-4000 ext. 1904 and 1918


     If you are concerned your preschool child is developing or learning differently, you can call the District to request an evaluation for preschool special education and related services.

    Si Usted esta preocupado por el desarollo de su hijo/hija o por algun problema de aprendisaje o aprendiendo difrente, por favor de ponerse en contacto con el departamento de servicios especiales del districto para pedir una evaluacion.


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