• Dear Families:


    Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!!   

    Happy December!  Can't believe how fast this year is flying by!

    Remember Flu shots are due by end of December.  It is NJ State law that children ages 6months - 59 months must have a flu shot in order to remain in school.  Letters have gone home, messages are posted on Class Dojo, bulletin boards are up, reminders go out frequently.  Any questions, please see your school nurse.  


    Nurse DeFalco:   

    973-677-4000 ext. 52750    397 Park Avenue, Orange


    Nurse Vicci:       

    973-677-4000 ext. 53713     268 Capuchin Way, Orange

    We can also be reached through Class Dojo.  


    Please be safe!  Remember to wash your hands, and your children's, for at least 20 seconds very often through the day with warm water and soap.  Remind the children to sing their ABC song as they wash to ensure proper length of time.