• Equipment and Network Capacity:
    The Orange Public Schools have met, revised and implemented all of the goals and objectives outlined in the 2007 to 2010 District Technology Plan. The district’s technology network and infrastructure is a comprehensive system that allows for the users to adequately access all areas of technology, including but not limited to telecommunications, the Internet, educational software and various database management systems.

    All of the schools have a minimum of a 20-27 student workstation lab. Some schools that have completed their facility expansions have added on an additional lab. The eight elementary schools all have 3 student workstations in the classrooms and library. Each school will have an additional drive added to their building server to provide the ability for students and teachers to begin saving their work in electronic portfolios. This increase in storage space will meet the district’s growing need. The Orange Preparatory Academy and High School have begun the 3 workstation model in the Special Education Classrooms. The District has also implemented Macintosh Computers and iPads as a tool to expand the knowledge base of its students.

Last Modified on July 18, 2012