• With the growing infrastructure the need to keep an expansive and cohesive infrastructure is mandatory. To help manage the process of dealing with maintenance, the district implemented a software tracking system that reflects and help desk model and allows for all technology staff to stay abreast of the technical needs of the district. This software called Autotask allows for building base Technology Coordinators  to enter technology request or issues in the database and be retrieved by IT Department staff at any location within the district. The Office of Technology reviews the Autotask tickets daily and dispatches a systems  engineer to address the problem. Weekly meetings are held amongst the technical staff to stay abreast of issues and best practices in technology advancements. The software provides reports and statistics to help better prepare the district to prepare for the upcoming year budget.

    The  plan has been met to update all learning areas with workstations that run Operating System of Windows XP or higher. This addreses the equity concerns of outdated hardware. With the expansion of equipment and instructional needs, the district has increased their bandwidth from 1.5 MG to 5 MG. Using an ATM connection and fiber optic line between the high school and middle school, users are able to access more data quickly. With the construction of a new K-8 school building,which  opened in September 2004, additional bandwidth of 5MG has been requested to continue the expansion of the district’s infrastructure.

    The district is planning to use a fiber optic connection throughout the entire school district and hopefully to expand this access to the Township of Orange Community with the hopes of building a learning community that expands beyond the classroom walls.

Last Modified on July 18, 2012