• The district’s network and infrastructure is proficient to provide adequate access to the entire school community. The district’s present focus is to continue to build upon the peripherals and software that is used with the current infrastructure. Many of these decisions are being dictated by the professional development needs of the district to improve Language Arts and Math literacy. By providing a strong staff development program that infuses technology into the learning process and models effective use of technology within the curriculum, the district will achieve a stronger educational technology presence that encourages technology integration in all content areas.

    Currently the software used throughout the district was recommended by a software committee comprised of teachers and district staff. The software is currently being re-evaluated to assess is current correlation to the Core Curriculum Content Standards and its compatibility to the current computer operating systems. Many of these software titles are server based. The district is moving towards software that is web-based which provides less maintenance and use of server space. Currently the district has purchased licenses for such software as, SIRS Discoverer, Discovery Education, Study Island, and Read 180. Other educational software that is used district-wide is the Microsoft Office Suite, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and Math Steps.

    Discovery Education, a video streaming and library medium was purchased to begin the process of integrating video into the curriculum. Purchased for the entire district, the option of video on demand can enhance the curriculum by affording the teachers the opportunity to include various examples of video within their instruction. This server based software and video component will be stored on the district server, but will have continuous updating capability. In collaboration with the Discovery Channel, Discovery Education has compiled an extensive library that can be accessed throughout the district.

    To provide the district with a safe guard against inappropriate access, use and intrusion WEBSENSE filtering software is used. This filtering software is robust, yet can tailor to provide access to websites that can be used for curricular needs. The software has proven to be successful and will be renewed by the district for an additional year. The appropriate use of software and other types of technology are outlined in the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for staff and students.

Last Modified on July 18, 2012