The Office of Mathematics, Science, and STEM

    Schools will be closed from Tuesday, March 17 – Friday, April 17  Additional information and daily updates can be found on the district’s COVID-19 Resource Page found at https://www.orange.k12.nj.us/domain/3058

    Members of the Office of Mathematics, Science, & STEM will be available daily to answer any questions you may have.  Our virtual Office Hours are as follows:

    AM, Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 11:00AM

    PM, Monday – Friday: 12:00PM – 2:00PM

    Should you have any questions about assignments, you can contact us below:




    Dr. Tina Powell

    Director of Mathematics and Science, K-12


    (973) 677-4000; Ext 6014


     Ms. Meng Li Chi Liu

    Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades 9-12


    (973) 677-4000 Ext: 6092


    Mr. Daniel Ramirez

    Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades 5-8


    (973) 677-4000, Ext: 6103


     Ms. Olga Castellanos

    Supervisor of Mathematics, Grades K-4


    (973) 677-4000, Ext.6096


     Ms. Farjana Rahman

    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades 9-12



    Ms. Belinda Koloska

    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades 5-8




    Mathematics Teacher Coach, Grades K-4


     Ms. Romaine Denis

    Office Manager


    (973) 677-4000; Ext 6089

Last Modified on March 27, 2020