Emergency Extended Learning Plan

    Science Grades K-5



    Expectations for At Home Instruction in Science


    Review Content: Use results from prior work and assessments to determine

    New/Introductory Content: Use guidance from the departments Unit/Module Plans


    Digital Content for Instruction

    Post access codes for Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and/or Remind to Extended Resources page on the website.

    K - 5 FOSS Web:

    • Teacher sets up student accounts and assigns content within the student eBook to Google Classroom
    • Use the streaming video links embedded within the FOSS Web (Multimedia)
    •  www.fossweb.com

    Digital Content for Daily Practice

    3 - 545 minutes per week of Readorium (3 – 8)

    3 - 5: 45 minutes per week of Brainpop or Brainpop JR

    Print Resources/

    Supplemental Resources

    Printed materials are for students who do not have devices and/or internet access.

    K - 5 FOSS Web:

    Download worksheets from FOSS (Notebook Masters)


    Consider accommodations/modifications outlined within IEPs. Consider access for ELLs. Supply scaffolded options for Tier I, II, and III students.




    Formative: Daily

    Summative: Weekly

    K - 5 FOSS Web:

    Teacher is able to use unit iChecks and other tasks within the ASSESSMENT MASTERS to check for understanding weekly while exit tickets can be provided to check for understanding daily.

    3 - 5:

    Students can also be assigned summative tasks through FOSSmap which will be automatically graded



    Either through Google Classroom, Class Dojo, or Remind provide feedback to students on instruction

    Grading of assignments/ assessments is to be done periodically in Genesis

    Assign additional review lessons based upon student performance as needed


Last Modified on March 16, 2020