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    Dear Parents,

    Our school is using Reading Plus to help students become better readers. Reading Plus is a web-based program that helps students develop the skills they need to be proficient readers and independent learners. Through regular Reading Plus practice, your student will begin to read faster with better comprehension. To learn more about Reading Plus, visit www.readingplus.com.

    Your child can complete Reading Plus assignments on your home computer or tablet. Assignments in each program can be completed in any order, but please remind your child that SeeReader lessons are the most important. The program will keep track of assignments completed and assignments still due (see below). Weekly assignments reset every Sunday night at 11:59 pm, so students can work on completing assignments over the weekend. Encourage your student to complete additional work, if possible.

    Students can access Reading Plus through the CLEVER PORTAL


    Ensure Your Child's Success

    Reading Plus

    How to Check Your Child’s Work:  The goal each week is for a student to fill in each of the empty boxes with a white checkmark. White checkmarks in the SeeReader (SR) bar indicate that assignments have been completed with 80% or higher comprehension. Blue boxes indicate that the assignment was completed with less than 80% comprehension. Empty boxes indicate assignments still due.

    The Goal column indicates the number of assignments to date for each component. View numbers at the end of the colored bars to determine how many assignments have been completed for each component. The number at the end of the blue SeeReader (SR) bar indicates how many total SeeReader lessons have been completed. The number within the green SR bar reflects the number of SeeReader lessons completed with 80% or higher comprehension. The comprehension goal for all SeeReader lessons is 80% or higher. Students should work to move all bars to the Goal by completing all assigned lessons. Press the program logos in the Assignment Completion section to view your student’s scores on all completed lessons.


    INSIGHT Assessment

    Your child will begin Reading Plus by completing an initial adaptive assessment called InSight. Most students complete this within 30 minutes, but some take more time.

    The results from your child’s InSight Assessment are used to determine their initial placement within the Reading Plus components programs, their instructional path and weekly program assignments. Once your child has completed the InSight assessment they can begin to work in any of the Reading Plus programs from their Student Dashboard; SeeReader (Reading practice – most important program), ReadAround (Vocabulary building) and iBalance (Visual Perceptual Skill building).

     Pleae contact your child's teacher for specific information related to your child's weekly assigned lessons and their individual progress.