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    Classroom Supply List

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    Classroom Supply Lists 2022-2023 SY


    Please find the recommended school supply list for each grade level. In addition, we are providing a few additional suggestions to make sure students can be focused and engaged in the learning process. 

    We thank you for your continued partnership in helping our students be prepared for virtual instruction! 




    Student At Home Workstation Ideas

    Personal Workstation Idea .  Personal Workstation Idea .  Workstation Ideas

    We want to ensure our students are fully prepared for learning, therefore the following are suggestions to ensure the most productive learning environment for students. 

    A reliable computer and internet access

    You’ll need a reliable computer that operates at a good speed and is able to handle a variety of different programs. This doesn’t mean you have to splurge on the latest and most expensive model, but you should be able to work with minimal issues. Your internet should also be reasonably fast and reliable

    A comfortable chair

    Unlike the classroom setting where students move around. or from one classroom to another, they may be sitting in one spot for a while engaging in online learning. So a comfortable chair that adjusts to the right level is ideal.

    A separate workspace

    Carve out a separate school area with a desk and room for supplies, textbooks and other items. This will help students focus and get down to work more easily than if they were working on a couch or bed.

    Earphones or headphones/earbuds**

    Getting a set of headphones or earbuds will help ensure you don’t disturb those around you, and can also drown out outside noise to minimize distractions.

    Printer and printer paper

    Even though many assignments can be submitted online, students may need/want to print resources for offline access. Printing schedules for each course and keeping it within easy reach also assists with organization.

    A planner or paper calendar**

    Keeping track of daily assignments and ongoing deadlines throughout the marking will help students be successful. 

    A backpack

    You may think you won't need a backpack for online learning since you won't be going from classroom to classroom. However, owning a backpack with room for a laptop, books and other supplies will prove useful when moving to another location for a change of scenery.

    A whiteboard w/ dry erase marker**

    Students will often be required to show their thinking and/or work during online sessions. Having this handy. tools will save time and paper in the process.