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    CURIOUS about the "Citrus Experiment" picture above?  Here are the steps to make your own Orange Powered Battery:

    Step #1: Grab your parent, guardian, older sibling, teacher to work with you - ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED!!!

    Step #2: With your Adult Science Companion, take notes as you watch the demo video (https://youtu.be/XtHt00AN0pU).  Pause the video periodically to write down all of the required materials and necessary steps involved.  Draw the setup in your notebook in your own way - you'll need it for Step #6!

    Step #3: Gather the items with your Adult Science Companion.

    Step #4: Watch the video again and pause between steps to assemble your Citrus Powered Battery with your Adult Science Companion.

    Step #5: Does it work?!  If not, redo your steps, double-checking what you did.  You may need to try it a few times to get it going.

    Step #6The toughest part is understanding the science behind it!  Does it work the same way a battery does, or does it work differently?  Is this battery related to Biology, Chemistry or Physics?  How do you know?  Draw "how it works" using your drawing from Step #2.

     Smithsonian Game Center

    Click the link above to play Smithsonian-related games!  These are resources that align with our STC Kits and corresponding curricula for Grades 6, 7 and 8.


    STC Games



    Ms. Jones' Science Class at Park Avenue School

    Investigating the Bess Bug, it's behavior and habitat

    Jones 1

    Jones 2


    OPA takes a trip to the Essex County Environmental Center

    Ms. Jones' Students get the chance to complete varying activtities, including searching

    for minerals and metals

    Jones 1

    Jones 2

    Jones 3


    A Food Corps culinary workshop with Ms. Badruddin!

    "Healthy Choices, Healthy Living"

    After learning about and growing healthy food at Forest Street School's greenhouse program,

    elementary students took a trip to Orange High School's Culinary kitchen,

    where they paired up with Ms. Badruddin's culinary students during a hands-on cooking workshop!

    FoodCorps Cooking 1

    Food Corps Cooking 2

    Food Corps Cooking 3



    Congratulations to Mr. Clementelli's Class

    Clementelli Class


    Food Corps, an initiative that promotes "healthy choices, healthy living", works with our district students in a variety of ways to promote healthy living.


    This year, we have had our FoodCorps Team Leader, Ms. Ashni Mathew, work with our students to teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  Ashni works with Forest Students in Ms. Reed's classes both in and out of the classroom.  Here are some pictures from Ashni's work so far this year, with all of the vegetables for the "taste tests" grown coming from the Forest Avenue School's Garden!  Monthly healthy recipes to come soon!


    Pic 1     Pic 2      Pic 3


    Pic 3     Pic 5       Pic 6

    Pic 7    Pic 8


    Google Augmented Reality comes to


    Forest Street School!

    Google AR


    Google AR Phone  



    What's Happening in Science Classrooms across the District

    Graph 1

    Students in Mr. Peterson's 8th Grade Science class work collaboratively

    to describe data trends from a student-led lab


    Perez CR Pic 1

    Park Avenue School students in Mr. Perez's Science Class engage

    in a hands-on Cell Respiration lab where they had to hypothesize

    how exercise affected the rate of carbon dioxide production

    Perez Class 1

    Perez Class 2

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