• Cleveland St.Elementary School Health Course Outline

    School Year 2021-2022


    Instructor: Edward Harris    harrised@orange.k12.nj.us


    I. Rationale:

    The primary goal and objectives of health education is to provide our children with the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will continue into and throughout adulthood. The Health program at Cleveland St. Elementary School aligns with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Core Curriculum Content Standards that can be reviewed at www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/standards/2/index.html. The various topics covered are grade/age related and the information builds year to year.

    II. Course Objectives: Students will be able to:

         a.   acquire health promotion concepts and skills to support a healthy, active lifestyle

         b.   acquire knowledge about alcohol, tobacco,other drugs, and medicines and apply these

               concepts to support a healthy, active lifestyle

         c.  acquire knowledge about the physical, emotional and social aspects of human           

               relationships and apply these concepts tosupport a healthy, active lifestyle

    III. Classroom Rules

          a.  Respect others at all times

         b.  Come to class prepared (Pen/Pencil,Notebook)

         c.   Participate in class discussions and activities

         d.  Complete all work and assignments

         e.  No candy, food, or gum is allowed in class

         f.  Use restroom before or after class

    IV. Grading

    Course grades are based on the following:


      25%-Authentic Assessment (portfolios, performance assessment, projects)

      20%-Classwork (Do Nows, assignments, and class task)

      20%-ClassParticipation (questioning, discussion, offering relevant comments)

      10%-Homework (reading/writing assignments, long-term projects)

      Gradingscale: A 100-90; B 89-80; C 79-70; D 69-60; F 64 and below