• Cleveland St.Elementary/Middle School Physical Education K-7

    School Year 2021-2022

    Instructor:  Edward Harris   harrised@orange.k12.nj.us

    I.  Rationale:

    Elementary/MiddleSchool P.E. is important to develop activity patterns and skills that will be carried into adulthood. It also promotes regular physical activity that is beneficial for overall health and well being. The Physical Education program at Cleveland St. School aligns with the New Jersey Department of Education’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. These standards can be reviewed at: http://www.state.nj.us/education/cccs/standards/2/index.html

    II. Course Objectives:

    Grades 1-4: To provide progress from basic movement education to developing and applying manipulative skills in various isolated and applied situations such as physical fitness and activity, individual skill development, and cooperative activities.

    Grades: 5-7: To provide progress from wellness education (fitness concepts and activities) to developing and applying movement education skills in isolated and applied situations in various activities such as individual skill development, team activities and strategies and cooperative activities.

    III. Format and Procedures:

    The studentswill enter the multi-purpose room or courtyard and line up in their assigned lines/squads. They will begin their warm-up routine upon the start of class.The warm-up routine will contain daily strength building exercises along with running and various locomotor movements. The following are the classroom expectations/rules.

    Classroom Expectations/Rules:

    1. Listen and Follow Teachers’ Directions

    2. Show respect to others (Sportsmanship)

    3. Come to P.E. Prepared (ProperUniform)

        a. sneakers

       b. sweat pants (gray or blue)

       c. t-shirt/sweat shirt (gray or blue)

    4. Safe Play

       a. mindful of personal and general space

       b. shoe laces tied

       c. no rough play

       d. no jewelry

    5. HAVE FUN!!!!

    IV. Grading Procedures/Components:

    Grades reflect student’s achievement

    Grades 1-4: O, S, NI

    O for Outstanding (above level)

    S for Satisfactory (at level)

    NI for Needs Improvement (below level)

    Grades 5-7: Percentage

    100-90 (Exceeds the Standard)

    89-80 (Meets Standard)

    79-70 (Marginally meets Standard)

    69-65 (Below Standard)

    64 and below (Failure)

    Grading Weights

    25% of the grade consists of Test, Quizzes

    20% of the grade consists of Class Participation(questioning, discussion, team work and offering relevant comments)

    20% of the grade consists of ClassWork (journals, tasks, demonstrations and skill applications)

    25% of the grade consists ofAuthentic Assessment ( portfolios, performance assessments and projects)

    10% of grade consists of Homework (reading/writingassignment, at home physical fitness activity)