• Family expectations: we expect family members to assist the preschooler with assignments each day to continue to learning process. This is important as we do not want children to regress during these two weeks. They have worked very hard since September and we want them to continue growing and learning while they are home.
    Please be sure to identify a comfortable and quiet space for your child to study/learn.
    Dedicate an appropriate time to learning. 
    Check classdojo and my web page for information on assignments and resources on a daily basis. Participate in classdojo with your child's teachers and share photos of your child engaged in the assigned activities.
    We are not requiring families to return the extended learning packets but we do expect you to engage in the virtual platforms with honesty and integrity. 
    Other Possible Enhancements - please find additional leaning programs below to further engage your child in the learning process while at home. However, please remember to monitor the amount of time your child is in front of a screen. (teachers add free online programs that families can visit to assist in the learning process while at home).
    Add Free ABC Mouse information here
    Free Broadband from Spectrum for K-12  beginning March 16th and will continue for 30 days - please call 844-988-8395