1. Morning Extended Day library program: school days, 7:30-8:15am. Computers and computer printings are available.
    2. Afternoon Extended Day library program: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-4pm (by Ms. David)
    3. Books in Circulation are available for students to borrow. Four books limit for two weeks and are renewable twice.
    4. Lunch in Library: up to 20 students (each lunch period) are allowed to come to the library for lunch and study.
    5. Work in Library to Reduce Your Book Fine: Students can work for library earning minimum wage to paid down book fines. Typical works are: read the book shelves, organize the magazine rack, sharpening pencils, etc.
    6. Book Request Form. Students are encouraged to fill out a book request form to let the librarian know what books or book series they want to see in the library.


    1. Books and Periodical collections for professional development.
    2. Book Request and On-Line Resource Subscription Request forms are available to teachers.
    3. Computers, Printing and Copy machine are available in library during school days.
    4. OPA Media Center Sign-Up Sheet is available for teachers to reserve library time to teach his/her classes in the library. You can come to library to reserve your library time by filling out a paper form, or to reserve on-line by downloading the form, fill it out and send to Mrs.  DiTommaso. ditommno@orange.k12.nj.us
    5. Schedule a Student Library Online Resource Orientation class in library.
    6. “Information Scaffolding” Lessons with Mr. Wang for collaborative “Project Based Learning”, “Problem Based Learning” or “Inquiry Based Learning” projects.
    7. To Post Your Notes / Events on the School Calendar, send it to Wang at ANY time.
    8. Helps on Reading Rewards, Databases, Flocabulary, etc. upon request.

    Any suggestions on how can library serve you better are welcome. Send an e-mail to ditommno@orange.k12.nj.us, or talk to Mrs.  DiTommaso in library.