• Orange Preparatory Academy's 

    Dress Code  


          wh paPant oxShirt

    White, Orange or Black Polo or Oxford (collared) shirt with sleeves

    Black or Khaki pants or skirt (knee-length)

    School pride apparel t-shirts

    White, Orange or Black sweater, vest or cardigan  


    Click here for a more detailed list of the Uniform Dress Code and items that are unacceptable.


    DRESS CODE Rationale

    The Orange Board of Education adopted the policy in May 1996 to eliminate clothing as a distraction in the school environment.  For example, a 1996 study revealed that school uniforms reduce the emphasis on fashion wars and reinforces the acceptability of more practical, less costly school clothing.  The study also suggested that uniforms may have a positive effect on school safety.  It is our goal at OPA to have 100% parental and student support of the dress code policy. Items such as bandanas, athletic jerseys, tank tops, t-shirts, and clothing that is revealing, too short or tight are inappropriate for school.  Students should come to school dressed in khaki pants or skirts with a white button down or polo style top.  We truly believe that 100% participation is achievable with your support and encouragement.