• Mr. Freddy Camarena Bienvenidos


     Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 School Year!


     My name is Freddy Camarena. This is my 16th year teaching Spanish in the Orange District.

    I look forward to working efficiently with each of my students whether remotely or in person. My goal is to make 'learning a second language' as fun and easy as possible. The permanent and appropriate use of technology will allow us to do productive and interesting work together.

    Below are some of my expectations that I wanted to share with you regarding your participation and progress in class:

    - Maintain your enthusiasm for each topic of the curriculum that the teacher presents in class.

    - Communicate to your teacher all your doubts, difficulties and/or concerns so that your progress reflects outstanding results.

    - Stablish a close and fraternal relationship with your peers since all mutual and collective work reinforces your learning.

    - Follow all the academic and behavioral standards given by the school this year and, particularly, those given on each class.

    I also hope to have the opportunity to stablish a close and continuous communication with your parents to share experiences from school and from home so that you have permanent support thorughout the year.



    Syllabus 8th Grade: Syllabus Intro to Spanish (8th Grade)

    Syllabus 9th Grade: Syllabus Spanish I (9th Grade)


    Please complete your enrollment on these platforms as soon as possible.





    8TH GRADE: h3heeh

    9TH GRADE: 8heehg



    Period 1 (8th Grade) 2qlsku4

    - Period 2 (9th Grade) nwwwc73

    - Period 3 (9th Grade) o62o2pq

    - Period 4 (9th Grade) lgcfasz

    - Period 7 (9th Grade) gwv3ntw

    - Period 8 (9th Grade) f4nbv2t


    Google Meet



    A Day - Period 1 (8th Grade) IntroSpanish

    B Day - Period 2 (9th Grade) Spanish02

    A Day - Period 3 (9th Grade) Spanish03

    B Day - Period 4 (9th Grade) Spanish04

    A Day - Period 7 (9th Grade) Spanish07

    B Day - Period 8 (9th Grade) Spanish08


    PHASE I Schedule: Sep 8th - Oct 2nd


    PHASE II Schedule: Oct 5th - Nov 25th



     Click here to see video


    Nov. 24th 2020 / 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

    Please click the link below to schedule a conference


    You will get an e-mail confirmation with the date, time and Zoom code or link to join the conference