Marie Petiote
    Marie Petiote
    8th Grade  - English Language Arts
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    Extended Learning Plan
    Office Hours
    Monday through Friday
    1:15 pm - 3:15 pm
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    English Language Arts


    Distance Learning and Assessment Criteria

    This page will serve as a learning tool and classroom resource in the case of any emergency that prevents us from meeting as a class in person at Orange Preparatory Academy. Please follow the specific directions, dates, and deadlines in order to complete all assigned work for Langauge Arts Class.

    Students should complete twenty minutes of Reading Plus lessons/practice daily. Students who have achieved completion of Level 14 should see the choiceboard on Google Classroom. See lessons on classroom.google.com. Assessment criteria is posted with assignments. Most writing assignments will be assessed using the NJSLA Writing Rubric.

     ** Lessons are differentiated via Reading Plus Level, and as assigned on Google Classroom. Assignments are differentiated for students based on need and assessment *

    Students are responsible for completing the following:

    1.  Reporting to class on time

              2.  Participating during discussion

                                3.  Engaging in the virtual learning platform

                          4. Communicating with teacher via email

    5.  Monitoring daily progress


    Daily Attendance & Classroom Codes


    Periods 1/2:  

    Meet link https://meet.google.com/lookup/chsvz4vf4j

    Google Classroom Code: bkq4fi3

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    Periods 5/6

    Meet link https://meet.google.com/lookup/c2ftairqus

    Google Classroom Code: imvu6z6

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    Periods 7/8:


    Google Classroom Code: nib2yqj

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