Remind App
  • The Remind App is used to remind students of their homework as well as the time they can come for help in the morning. 

    The students have the ability to respond and let me know if help is required.

    Parents are encouraged to join!

    There are 3 ways to receive messages on Remind. You can receive messages via text, email, or push notification(or any combination of these).

    To join a class on Remind, you have lots of options! You can sign up directly via text/email, head to our website, or download the Remind app.


    • Text

    Join directly via text:

    Participants text a class @code to a Remind Phone Number. For US teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, if the code is @math and the phone number is 81010, you would text @math to 81010

    Join online:

    Visit and enter the class code there along with your phone number.

    • Download the Remind app

    Remind is available on iOS and Android devices. Anyone can download Remind, create an account and join a class quickly(tap the + next to Classes Joined) by using a class @code or search for your teacher's class. (Download Remind)

    • Email

    Join online:

    Visit and enter the class code and your email address.

    Join from your inbox:

    Send a blank email to You'll get a response with further instructions. If the class code was @math, you would send a blank email to


    Block 2A/2B:

    (Text)Class Code: 81010

    (Download Remind App)Class Code: @sal2a2b




    Block 3A/3B:

    (Text)Class Code: 81010

    (Download Remind App)Class Code: @sal3a3b



    Block 4A/4B:

    (Text) Class Code: 81010

    (Download Remind App) Class Code: @sal4a4b