• VISIT THESE DISTRICT LINKS and RESOURCES to help you learn English faster


    1. STUDENT HANDBOOK :https://www.orange.k12.nj.us/cms/lib/NJ01000601/Centricity/Domain/374/OPA%20Student%20HANDBOOK%202021%202022.pdf 

    2. ROSETTA STONE:  https://orangetownship.rosettastoneclassroom.com/en-US

    This website will allow you to practice all four skills in English in an itneractive way. It is district approved and progresses through different levels. 

    3. STORY LINE ONLINE: https://storylineonline.net/

    On this website you can listen to and veiw a variety of stories in English and Spanish. Listening to stories is a great way to learn a language. 

    4. Google Translate (https://translate.google.com/)

    5. Snap and Read (https://snapandread.com/) - program that allows students to translate texts, level texts to readers' abilities, read the text aloud, or provide vocabulary (sign in with your school Google account)

    6. Brain Pop (https://www.brainpop.com/) - social studies resources and resources for English Language Learners (may log in through CLEVER or with username...orangems1, password...orange