• Ms. Rodriguez 

    8th Grade Math




    Classroom policies and expectations:


    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Listen when others are speaking
    • Talk quietly and politely
    • Mind your own business


    • Follow directions the first time given
    • Complete daily assignments
    • Bring things when due
    • Be honest about your actions
    • Clean up after yourself


    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    • Sit appropriately in your seat
    • Enter and exit the classroom quietly
    • Use materials properly
    • Let an adult know where you are


    • Use kind words
    • Be helpful to others
    • Give encouragement
    • Cooperate with others
    • Respect the thoughts and feelings of others
    • Include everyone



    • To be brought to class every day: 2 pencils, erasers, a notebook, and a folder


    • You can expect homework daily. All assignments are due at the ring of the bell on the assigned day.  After that, work is late and it will receive a 50% credit


    • You are expected to attend class every day on time! If you are absent, excused or unexcused, it is your responsibility to get any class notes from a classmate and obtain your missing assignments of the assignment 

    Class dismissal:

    • The class is dismissed by the instructor when are all materials are properly away, assignments have been collected, everyone is quiet, and in their assigned seats. Clocks and bells do not dismiss the class. All should remain seated and working until the instructor dismisses the class