School year 2023-2024 will be guided by: 


    The Four Pillars of Community Schools

    • Integrated Supports

    Work collaboratively with Principal and Administration Team ,School Social Worker, and Guidance Counselor

    • Expanded and Enriched Learning Time

    Support our Afterschool Tutorial Programs, and other Activities.

    • Active Family & Community Engagement

    Parental information is available through our Parent Teachers Student Organization, District Parent & Student Council.

    Capitalizes on the community resources available within and surrounding our school community.

    • Collaborative Leadership

    Be an active participant with our School Leadership Team (SLT).

    Attendance Team, and Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS)


    Core Elements of a Successful Community School 2019

    The Community School Coordinator is the key connector in the developmental triangle between home, school, and community. The CSC ensures that programs, services, and supports are aligned, coordinated, and integrated with the core instructional program in order to avoid duplication or fragmentation of services and supports.


    As the School Family Liaison, I'm here to: 

    • Refer individuals and families to external resources and services
    • Implement and facilitate weekly, monthly and annual students/career programs, family engagement  and Community initiatives (Parent/Teacher Conferences, Family Fun nights, Orientations etc.)
    • Host a PTSO network for parents , teacher and students of the OPA community. 
    • Ensure that the community is aware of all events and resources available  


    Social Emotional Learning

    Many young people and adults across the country are experiencing heightened levels of fear, anxiety, sadness, and isolation during these uncertain times of school closings, social distancing and COVID-19 concerns.

    Rising to the challenge, educators, youth development professionals, childcare providers, family members, and others are finding ways to help young people stay connected, reduce fears and anxieties, and continue to develop social and emotional skills they need for navigating current and future life challenges.