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    Let our students tell their story via Digital Portfolios.   


    Goal:   Allow students to share their best and/or required work across

    content areas as they show their progress from year to year.

    Digital Portfolio District Resources for Teachers Start Here 

    Note:  Most students will come with a Digital Portfolio from Elementary School.  

    Digital Portfolio Template - Copy this link to USE with STUDENTS

    Instructions:  Share this link in your Google Classroom ONLY if students have not set up a portfolio this school year. 

    Include these instructions:  Open the link.  Click on "Use Template" in the upper right hand corner. 

    When it opens, make a copy of it for yourself by clicking on the three dots.  Choose "make a copy".  

    Digital Portfolio Checklist

    Digital Portfolio Exampl

    Portfolio Instructions for Students

    Watch the Video - How to Set Up your Portfolio 

    Teacher Resources by Content 

    Make your own copies of the documents below 

    Google Form or Google Doc Template to collect Links 


    Reflection Questions to Consider for each artifact:  

    Include the Title of the assignment & Date 

    1.  Did you enjoy this assignment and why? 

    2.  What did you learn as a result of this assignment? 

    3.  What might you do differently? 

    4.  Does the assignment show growth in a particular area. Explain.  

    Student Reflection Handout 


    Consider the following format.  This would be inserted as a text box 


    Know My World Project - Dec, 2018

    I enjoyed learning about India and its challenges.  It made me realize that we are very fortunate in America.  I also enjoyed listening to the bios from the students.  The information shared showed me that Indian students are very smart and innovative.  I learned that India's climate change issues are due partly to the deforestation of land and polluted lakes.  I hope that we can complete our Action Item as a class before the end of the year.  I was able to use my movie making skills and assist with the PSA.