• Cleveland Winter Concert
    December 15, 2017



    Great work by our VPA teachers and their students who sang, acted and danced on that snowy Winter Concert night! The auditorium was beautifully decorated with winter artwork. The Central Auditorium was filled despite the weather. We had an incredible amount of staff support (Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Dixon, Mr. DeLoatch, Ms. Chavarria, Mr. E. Harris, Ms. Stoudermire, Ms.     Ferrand, Ms. Swift, Ms. Martin, Mr. Mills, Ms. Gomez, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Lasher). 

    Bravo Cleveland!

    Dr. Cayce J. Cummins, Principal
    Cleveland Street School


    Dear Cleveland Colleagues,

    We cannot thank you enough for all your work on Friday night. We are so appreciative of all the staff that jumped right in and helped backstage, in the hallways, and in the audience. We could not have accomplished such a successful concert without you. For those of you who could not make it, you would be so proud of your students and your fellow colleagues who pulled off a large winter concert on a cold snowy night.  

    A special shout out to Ms. Gomez whose creativity and heart filled the auditorium from top to bottom. Ms. Gomez did not go the extra mile, she went the entire marathon. And thank you to Mr. Silvoy, for working during your leave. And our MC no less! We are all so grateful. Thank you so much to Ms. Chavarria who made the amazing costumes, set design, and was an extra special help backstage. 

    I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful community. 

    with gratitude, 

    Mrs. Britt Keshner, Drama Director
    Cleveland Street School and 
    Oakwood Avenue Community School