Orange Preparatory Academy

400 Central Avenue, Orange, NJ 07050


  • Orange Preparatory Academy
    400 Central Avenue Orange, New Jersey 07050
    Tel: (973) 677-4135 Fax: (973) 677-2439
     School Hours:  8:20 - 3:15
    0 period: 7:30 - 8:15
    Instruction starts @ 8:20 sharp 
    Breakfast served: 7:05  - 8:05 
    Half Day Schedule:  8:20 - 12:26  
    Extended Day Programs:  3:20 - 4:15 
    Vice Principals

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    Orange Preparatory Academy is branded in “success” and our motto is “Come Together” with the understanding that “success” is a concerted endeavor with parents, students, staff and community.  Student experiences at Orange Preparatory Academy are only limited by your imagination, determination, and motivation.

    Orange Preparatory Academy's

                          VISION STATEMENT                

    Orange Preparatory Academy commits to providing academic excellence and social-emotional support to help our students grow and succeed. The faculty will provide a safe, caring environment and encourage all stakeholders to “Come Together.” We will inspire students to be community leaders, as well as lifelong learners. We will prepare students for equitable opportunities towards their future endeavors, as well as to become involved, responsible citizens with the skills, abilities and readiness required for success in the 21st century world.


    Orange Preparatory Academy will promote equity, equality, and accountability that will be modeled by our faculty and staff. By promoting our brand, “Come Together”, we are committed to providing innovative learning that is rigorous, engaging, and able to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of each student. All stakeholders will challenge students to become leaders of their own learning through curricula that is rooted in real-world experiences. We will celebrate all successes of student growth and achievement.

    The Orange Board of Education

    Vision Statement  

    The Orange Public School District commits to providing a safe and caring environment where each child is expected to grow and succeed.  We pledge to prepare all students with equitable opportunities for college and career readiness, leading to lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in a competitive global community.  

    Mission Statement  

    The Orange Public School District in collaboration with all stakeholders is responsible for promoting the academic, social, emotional and personal success of all students.  With a commitment to academic excellence, the district provides teachers, families, and administrators with the tools needed for all students to reach their full potential.  The district serves all students in our schools, acknowledging their unique backgrounds, cultural perspectives and learning styles.  The district recognizes that curiosity, discipline, integrity, responsibility and respect are necessary for success.  The Orange Public School District cultivates a community of 21st century learners where students take ownership of the learning process, achieve high standards of excellence, and focus on academics.                 

    No Alibis, No Exceptions, No Excuses!



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