• 4th Grade Rules

     Listen to the teacher and each other.

    Follow directions for all teachers.

    Respect and help each other.

    Raise your hand quietly when you want to be addressed.

    Work together effectively, and cooperate with group members.


    If your child chooses to break one of the rules, these are the following consequences.


    1st Verbal warning

    2nd Offense - Name is stated and redirected again.

    3rd Offense - Name is stated a 3rd time and will receive a Detention

    4th Offense - Call home/ letter to parents/Conference with Ms. Cooke


    If your child does not choose to break any of the rules they will receive the following rewards.




    *Treats (healthy snack, homework pass, tickets, etc..)


    Please read all of the rules, consequences and rewards with your child and sign and return the bottom portion.


    My child and I have read and understand all of the rules, consequences and rewards.



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