• 4th Grade Supply List
    2023 - 2024



    *2 Boxes of tissues 

    *1 Hand sanitizer 

    *2 Containers of Disinfecting Wipes *2 packs of copy paper 

    *1 Roll of paper towels 

    *Pencils **must be sharpened at home** *Pencil Sharpener (for school use) *Pencil Case 

    *Dry Erase markers 


    *6 composition notebooks (one for each  subject area) 

    *2 plastic folders (one for each subject area) *Colored Pencils 

    *2 Glue Sticks 

    *Sticky/Post it Notes (2 packs) 

    *1 Pair of Headphones/earbuds 

    **Please note that you will need to replenish  supplies throughout the school year.**


    Please have all supplies by Monday September 11, 2023. 


    Thank you,


    Ms. Miguel