Room 5 Information




    Below we have listed the supplies your child will need for Kindergarten. These supplies will be kept in the classroom. You can find most of these items at your local Dollar Store or Staples.  The following supplies are due the first full week of school.

    · 1 Kindergarten size book bag (bigger than 12x9) *Please, no book bags with wheels.

    · 1 box of large crayons (8 or 10 count)

    · 3 packs of 500 sheets of plain, white copy paper

    · 1 pack of washable markers (8 or 10 count)

    · 1 4-pack of Play-Doh

    · 2 packs of Elmer’s Glue sticks (6 or 8 to a pack)

    · 3 boxes of facial tissues

    · 2 boxes of Wet Ones (not baby wipes)

    · 2 containers of Clorox wipes

    · 3 rolls of paper towels

    · 4 pocket folders, all plain, solid colors PLEASE, no themed or character folders

    • 1 earbuds or headphones (NO bluetooth or wireless)

    CHANGE OF CLOTHES : Also, please send in a small, plastic box (or shoebox) with a change of clothes in it for your child. The box will be kept in their locker & used for bathroom/messy emergencies. Please include the following: socks, underwear, pants, top, and undershirt.

    Please label all removable clothing items with your child’s name (sweaters, coats, jackets, gloves, etc).  Be sure to use a permanent marker to do so.

    HOMEWORK FOLDERS  orange folder

    Just a reminder to please check your child's Homework Folder each night.  Their Homework can be found there, as well as flyers, notes, etc.  It is your child's responsibility to bring their Homework Folder back to school each day with their Homework completed.  Feel free to write a note and put it in your child's folder if you need to communicate with us as well.



    Be sure to hang the calendar we send home in the beginning of each month in safe space!  It is a very helpful tool to remind you of upcoming events and activities in our school! Monthly school calendars will be posted on Class DOJO as well.


    WATER BOTTLE  Image result for water bottle

    Please be sure to send your child in with a sturdy, reusable water bottle every Monday.  The children will refill their bottles as needed throughout the week and will bring them home for washing every Friday.  Since our fountains are no longer the kind you may sip from directly, it is imperative that your child have a water bottle to easily access drinking water at school.