• Ms. Hayley Geyer 

    8th Grade Science


    Hello, and welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  We anticipate that it will be a year full of new learning experiences for all.  Our 8th-grade focus is physical, life, and earth science, which means students will learn about the inorganic or the non-living part of the scientific world. Our goal is to emphasize critical thinking skills and using scientific and engineering design processes. In this class, students will often find themselves reading, writing, computing, and completing hands-on laboratory assignments. Many activities will be technologically based. Our teaching philosophy incorporates high expectations, hands-on instruction, emphasis on students being able to create a claim with supporting evidence, and justification through reasoning. Students will also be able to use writing strategies to explain the development of scientific inquiry, consistent questioning about the world around us, and application to our everyday lives.