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    Forest Street Community School

    2018- 2019 Science Fair 


    This year we are excited to explore and expose our students to the wonders of scientific investigations. All students in grades K-7 are required to participate in the schoolwide fair. The science fair projects are interdisciplinary and will utilize skills students have acquired in other subject areas.  Teachers will prepare students with the information they need to begin their projects. These projects will serve as an authentic assessment grade and will be incorporated into the 4th marking period science grade.

    Project Deadline: April 29, 2019 (3rd grade completed project and digital component for grades 4-7)

    Project Display: Week of May 20th

    Project Themes


    Kindergarten through 2nd grade will make dioramas (a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures) representing an animal or an animal habitat.  

    Kindergarten through 2nd grade:  Animals

    4th through 7th grade students will complete projects using the scientific method (Title, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedures, Results, Conclusion, Reflection).  All submissions will be in a digital format using Google Slides with a display (poster, brochure, model, or tri-fold board). 

    3rd Grade:  Water

    4th Grade: Electricity

    5th Grade:  Earth Systems

    6th Grade:  Electricity and Magnetism

    7th Grade: Body Systems


    All students are expected to participate in the Schoolwide Science Fair. We are excited to have students participate in this exploration process and have their final projects displayed. Please use this as an opportunity to make this an all-inclusive family experience.