•  Classroom Management

    "Strategies for building positive, compassionate classroom communities that engage learners."


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    • Know your students.
    • Create a consistent routine.
    • Plan every class.
    • Provide a “warm-up” that the students expect and enjoy.
    • Write the objective for the day on your board.
    • Stand at the door and greet students by name.
    • Create an environment that is safe for all students. Lovingly demand it.
    • Address conflict quickly and calmly.  Have the longer conversations, if necessary, at the end of class or outside the classroom.
    • Assess student learning at the end of the class with an exit ticket.
    • Take that extra minute when a student has done something exceptionally well or overachieved to write the student a note or an email, or to send one to the parents as a ‘good news’ missive.

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