Dear Parents and Guardians:

         I want to thank you in advance for your very crucial support for the music program. As of now we are continuing our extended learning year until further instructed by our Superintendant.  During these time it is imperative that students continue to wash their hands and their mouth pieces in order to practice the instrument. Be assurred that even before the recent virus outbreak students were not allowed to share mouthoieces  and instruments. Each student was assigned their own. They are to maintain proper sanitization and care of the instrument at home.

    All assignments will be uploaded exclusively google classroom and are due every Friday. Any correspondence can be made via Class Dojo

    Please adhere to the following to enroll in My classes in Google Classroom:      Email Me at: hammonth@orange.k12.nj.us

    Morning Hours - 9:00 am. - 11:00am 


    Afternoon Hours-1:00pm - 3:00pm


    Brass Class- rhcpbz5

    Woodwind Class - orasagq

    Percussion Class -  jfiszqu



    Overall first year students should be playing up to lesson 4 in their music packets. 

    2nd year and beyond should be at lesson 10. The sheet music selections should Be:Magma and Star Wars. 

    Students should practice for 20 min at least daily .. All sound links and sheet music will be provided and uploaded.


    Lets continue to work together to have a great year 



    Mr. Hammond