• Daily Math Homework:
    Complete Homework Pages in Module 5 (Lessons 14-18; 21-24)
    Complete Exit Tickets Packet (will be graded)
    Log into the websites below as usual (strictly for practice but will be monitored).
    NOTE: The assignments on the Brain Pop Dashboard are the only ones that will be graded.
    Log into Clever and go on i-Ready (complete at least 60 minutes per week of i-Ready lessons) or click the link below
    Log into Clever, click on Ms. Torrenegra's Page, go on x-tra Math (fluency) 
    Log into Clever, go on Brain Pop Jr., and complete Math assignments on Dashboard 
     Complete lessons on Dreambox and go on Raz Kids (ELL) or click the links below
    Go on gregtangmath.com (Click on Resources, scroll dwon to Word Problems) or click the link below
    Daily Science Homework: Go on readorium and Brain Pop or click the link below
    http://app.readorium.com/student/login (Username, Password, and Class Code is on a label pasted in your child's folder)
Last Modified on March 16, 2020