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     Children need continued educational support over the summer. Here are some great activites to keep them learning! Thank you all, for a wonderful school year! We wish you all, the very best in the upcoming year!!!! 



    Calendar  Of Fun Activities



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    Learning Resources




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    Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Pre-K! We are looking forward to working with you as a partner in educating your child.Our goal is to facilitate learning in a fun and exciting way. He/She will be learning to work in a group as well as growing independently. Your child will learn and gain self-confidence in decision making regarding important aspects of our classroom and program. 


    What time is considered late?

    All students should be in before 9:00.


    What does my child need for preschool?

    A toddler sheet, a blanket, change of clothing and a folder.



    Jessica Jordan & Gail Humphreys



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    Classroom Supply List

    2 Tissue boxes

    1 Lysol Spray

    2  Ziplock boxes (large)

    1 composition notebook

    1 Folder