• Jenelle Stokes

    ELA  5/6

    Contact Information

    Email: stokesje@orange.k12.nj.us

    Phone: 973-677-4120

    Office Hours 

    9:00 am-11:00am



    All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.  Students are expected to login daily by 9:00am.

    Flexible Schedule - Middle School 5-7

    Times are suggestions. Students should follow their daily schedule when possible. We understand that families may do instruction at different times. Use this as a guide to structure your day and manage your time.


    Morning Routine (8:00-8:45)

    Personal Hygiene & Healthy Breakfast

    Specials (8:45-9:30)

    PE/Music/Art/Dance/Comp Literacy/Library

    Check Google Classroom for Assignments

    Brain Break (9:30-9:45)

    Stretch, Learn to Code, Listen to Music, Play a game, Create a vision board

    ELA/Math (9:45-10:45)

    Science/Social Studies (9:45-10:45)

    Log into Google Classroom for Assignments

    Brain Break (10:45-11:00)

    Stretch, Watch TV, Listen to Music, Snack, Play a game, Make something

    Math/ELA (11:00-12:00)

    Log into Google Classroom for Assignments

    Lunch/Recess (12:00-1:00)

    Go outside and play/Eat a Healthy Lunch

    Science/SocialStudies  (1:00-2:00)

    ELA/Math (1:00-2:00)

    Log into Google Classroom for Assignments

    Brain Break (2:00-2:15)

    Stretch,Paint/Draw a picture, Listen to Music, Snack, Read a book

    Makeup Work (2:15-3:00)

    Catch up on missed assignments

    iReady/Reading Plus/Vocabulary City/Newsela/Readorium

    Keep a Journal  (3:00-3:20)

    Document this experience as it will serve as a great book/primary source one day (think the Diary of Anne Frank). Reflect on what’s happening in the world, at home, how you feel, what you think. Your diary will make a great book/story/movie one day!



    Students will be able to access NEWSELA, Spellingcity, and Reading Plus

    Login:Lunch ID beginning with 3

    Password:Lunch Pin beginning with 9

    Google Classroom Codes

    5A Reed's Homeroom:wo4pt65

    5B Canares Homeroom :3odjlcr

    6B Stokes Homeroom:j6ip6lw

    Parents Please sign up for Remind to get all updates for daily assignments

    Class Codes

    5A Reed's Homeroom: stokes5a

    5B Canares' Homeroom : stokes5b

    6B Stokes' Homeroom: stokes6b