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    The Internet is a fabulous resource for education, entertainment, and more. However, the Internet is not regulated or controlled by any one entity.  Therefore, parents and schools have a responsibility to educate children about its safe and appropriate use.

    Below are resources that can assist in informing students, teachers, and parent about effective use of the internet at school and home.


    Web Sites

    ·         Información en Español sobre la seguridad en la Internet, computadoras, y la Web

    ·         For Parents: Info, presentations, videos, activities

    ·         For Educators: Info, presentations, videos, activities

    ·         For Teens: Videos, tips, answers to your questions

    ·         For Kids: Games, activities, free stuff

    Netsmartz site 

    For Middle School

    Other Resources
    • Report inappropriate online sex-related activities involving children
    • Ask an expert about Internet safety
    • Search a database of Internet safety questions and answers
    • Learn more at other Internet safety sites