• Hello and welcome to 6th/7th Social Studies!


    My name is Mr. Curran and I am currently entering my third year teaching in the Orange Public School District. Below are quick overviews of the curricula for 6th and 7th grade social studies. 


    6th Grade- Ancient Civilizations and Cultures 

    In 6th Grade, students will first be introduced to the practice of archeology and develop understandings of how modern humans have learned about our ancient ancestors. Students will then explore the rise of civilization in the Fertile Crescent. Students will then explore the development and cultures of five ancient civilizations found throughout history (Egypt, India, China, Greece and Rome). 


    7th Grade- US I

    In 7th Grade, students will explore the development of the United States from a collection of North American British colonies in the eighteenth century to a rising nation in the nineteenth century. The 7th grade social studies curriculum has recently been changed to also include Civics education. Students will develop understandings of government and politics through the development of the United States.